Term life insurance

provides protection for only a definite period of time; 10 year, 20 year and 30 year periods.  If death occurs during the term for which the policy is written, guaranteed proceeds are payable to the beneficiary.  While most term life policies do not build up cash value, the Return of Premium product does.  This allows for the receiving of the repaid principal, after a certain period.  Generally speaking, term life insurance policies are relatively inexpensive compared to other life products. Therefore, it is attractive to those with budgetary constraints.

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​Universal life insurance

can be characterized as asset protection and the potential for accumulating cash value.  This cash value can provide the financial security you seek and help supplement your family's income, when needed.  It provides flexible payments and a flexible or guaranteed death benefit.  Policy remains in-force as long as it maintains enough value to cover expense and mortaility charges.

If you have the following conditions: AIDS, first coronary angioplasty, first coronary artery bypass, first myocardial infraction, end-stage renal failure, major organ transplant, medical condition requiring continuous life support, stroke or life threatening cancer, the policy will pay you 10% of the death benefit or $25,000 (lesser of the two directly).

For the chronically ill, which is defined as being unable to perform 2/6 activities (eating, bathing, dressing, toileting and transferring) without assistance at least 90 days due to loss of functional capacity, the policy will pay you 40% of the death benefit, or $250,000, the lesser of two.  If death is expected in one year (some states two years or less), the policy will offer to pay you 60% of the death benefit or $250,000, whichever is less.

Indexed Universal Life insurance

is life insurance that can build cash value potentially equal to the value of a whole life policy, utilizing a stable index such as the S&P, NASDAQ, and more. These products are designed to provide long term cash value.  Both the cash value along with the value of the death benefit, will accrue at a faster rate because of this advantage. 

IUL also includes Living Benefit Insurance, which will be available if the subscriber becomes sick during his/her lifetime.  Depending on the severity of the diagnosis of the illness at the time of death, compensation of 10%, 40%, 60% would be paid.  This could be an highly useful option to have in providing the security of peace of mind.

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