Business Owner's Policy
​Secure your business from any problems that may arise in the workplace including any losses caused by theft, fire, personal injury, or other accidents. We  supply business owners’ comprehensive insurance packages with the highest rated insurance carriers, who we keep close relationships with. In this current economy where costs are increasing, you will not regret choosing G.O. for your business owner’s insurance. We have the resources to optimize your coverage and offer the lowest possible premiums without compromising service of great quality.

Nobody knows about the size of any claim. What will happen if your liability limit is below the claim size?  The Umbrella policy increases the liability limit. Have your umbrella ready!

Earthquake/ Flood
​Traditional commercial insurance does NOT cover claims regarding earthquakes and floods. To obtain earthquake insurance, you must know the year built and the materials used in building. To obtain flood insurance, the building must be located inside of the flood zone.

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Commercial Autos
Commercial autos are categorized into three: service, retail, and commercial. The usage is determined by symbols and there is a special underwriting requirement for vehicle weights, radius, and etc. This insurance becomes very important when there is built-in equipment and liability limits are usually different for each type of business.

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